Yoga House Live on Line

Yoga House Live on Line

Take these unique virtual classes at You can attend by signing in through your MindBody account. Check our schedule often as it will evolve as we go.



We are excited to continue offering Yoga House Live on Line classes as we are adding in-studio classes back to our schedule. Please check the schedule for these unique in-studio and virtual classes at You can attend by signing in through your MindBody account. If you have taken classes at Yoga House, you already have an account. All you need to do is add your email and create a password to access it. To do so, open the  schedule page from the Yoga House website in the blue bar at the top of the page. Once you are on the schedule page, click “Need password?” Then use your email address to find your account and create a password there. You'll be ready to log in.

Live on Line classes:
1- Please sign in at least 15 minutes before the class.
2- You will receive an email with the class ID number to join the class (approximately 10 minutes before class).
3- You will be prompted to download the Zoom meeting app for whatever device you are using.
4- Allow Zoom access to your microphone (in your "settings" if using a phone or tablet, in your "preferences" if using a desktop).
No one will be listening to you, but you need to have the microphone turned on in order to hear us.
5- Voila! You're in!
6- Enjoy your class and keep coming back.

When its safe to re-open for In-Studio classes:

1- Pre-registration is required for in-studio classes
2- Please bring your own props with you. Studio props are not available for use at this time
3- City regulations prevent people from waiting in our lobby before class, so please arrive no more than 10 minutes early for class
4- When you arrive, please wait for our Front Desk Staff to invite you into the lobby. We will perform a health screening before checking you into class

Safety protocols for in-studio classes at Yoga House:

• Due to limited class sizes, students are required to pre-register for all classes
• Please stay at home if you are feeling any symptoms related to COVID-19
• Students and teachers must wear masks at all times at Yoga House, including during class
• Students may not use the studio props, but are welcome to bring their own props from home
• Please arrive no earlier than 10 minutes before class starts, and wait outside until a Front Desk Staff member invites you into the lobby. We will perform a health screening, including a temperature reading, before checking you into class
• Place your mat on the pre-marked spots on the classroom floor, which we have measured at safe, six-foot intervals

If you need help accessing the class, please call the studio at 626-403-3961. One of our wonderful staff will be here half hour before each class to help. These virtual classes are one-hour long, varied in style and offer you the opportunity to explore classes that you may not have taken before. You'll recognize the same great teachers you know from YH.

We already have Yoga House Live on Line classes on the schedule and will be adding in-studio classes starting July 1st. 

We are complying with all the health protocols from the city of Pasadena


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