Your body steadily grows stronger and more flexible. You find you have more energy. You have discovered your breath and learned how it can quiet and calm your mind. Stress melts away. There is a flowering of awareness. And, you have found all of this in an extraordinary place of refuge, a beautiful, tranquil sanctuary created solely for the pursuit of yoga.

Welcome to Yoga House

YOGA 101: A Workshop in the Basics


February 4 &19; March 11 & 19; April 8 & 30; May 13 & 21
June 10 & 25; July 8; September 9 & 24; October 14 & 22
November 19; December 9 

2:00-5:00 pm
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Deep Healing

Yoga for Joint Care, Strength and Maintenance
with Tatiana Urquiza
Our Abdominal Brain – the pelvis and psoas: Saturday, April 22
The Postural Flute – the spine: Saturday, May 27
Explore the many ways in which the practice of yoga can protect the health and functioning of your body’s most important joints in this pair of profoundly healing workshops with Tatiana Urquiza. Take one or both!


Enhanse Your Parana

Ayurvedic Diet & Cooking with Dr. Jayagopal

Saturday, May 20, 2-5pm
Ready to add a little spice to your life? Get a taste of the healthy, Ayurvedic diet with internationally recognized educator and speaker, Dr. Jayagopal Parla. Dr. Jay will not only share the principles and practice of this sister science of yoga, he'll have you cooking! It's a hands-on workshop, so be prepared for an engaging, Prana-enhancing experience.