200-Hour Teacher Training Curriculum

Our course of study has been designed to provide you with all the tools you'll need to conceptualize, plan and safely teach thoughtfully conceived, exceptionally inspired yoga classes.


As we delve beneath the surface of the poses, you'll develop a solid understanding of asana form and alignment. You'll also learn to effectively teach asana in real time with essential instructions, cues and hands-on adjustments.


The secret of a great class often lies in the logic of its sequencing, where one pose unfolds seamlessly into the next and the destination point of the practice is prefigured from the first moment. We'll demystify the art of creating powerful sequences as we uncover its underlying principles.


As part of the training, you'll receive our Patterns of Practice: ready-to-teach class templates to help you get started and move you toward being able to design your own thoughtfully innovative classes.


A basic understanding of anatomy is essential to developing the most effective teaching strategies. We will carefully analyze each basic pose through the lens of biomechanics, from fascia to bone, studying planes of movement, range of motion and each relevant muscle, tendon and ligament.


Using "Stretch Physiology" as our starting point, you'll deepen your knowledge of the body's major operating systems, organs and glands, learning how to assemble practices that enhance function and healing. We'll also cover yogic metaphysical anatomy such as chakras, nadis and bandhas.


Our training will include basic Sanskrit terms along with an introduction to one of yoga's most important texts, the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, a timeless "roadmap" to liberation from suffering. You'll also learn how to weave the sutra's ancient, esoteric wisdom into your asana classes.


From projecting your voice to maintaining a supportive learning environment, you'll gain the communication and interpersonal skills that go into making a compelling, compassionate and effective teacher.


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Dates & Tuition

6 Three-Day Weekends
Friday-Sunday, 1:00 PM -7:00 PM (PST)

April 9-11                     
May 7-9 
June 4-6      
September 3-5          
October 1-3         
November 5-7               

$2,995 / $750 Deposit
7 monthly payments of $321

{Until 2/28/21}
$2,750 / $750 deposit
7 monthly payments of $286 (Save $245)

$2,600 (Save $395)

Space is limited!
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