Yoga Etiquette

A few guidelines for maintaining a peaceful, productive and harmonious yoga environment!

Get Me to the [Yoga Studio] on Time

In consideration of other students and for your own safety, there is no admittance to classes after the first ten minutes. Arriving on time for class benefits everyone: you’re able to experience the entire “arc” of the practice your instructor has prepared for you, while your fellow students are not disturbed by the inevitable noise created when tardy students enter the classroom.

Silence is Golden

If you must arrive late to class but are within the 10-minute grace period, please make every effort to minimize any noise as you enter the classroom. If the class is sitting in a beginning meditation (as is often the case), it is best to wait quietly at the entrance and lay your mat down on the floor only after the meditation has concluded.

This Mat is My Mat/This Mat is Your Mat

We recommend you bring your own mat to class with you. If you don’t wish to own your own mat, rental mats are available at Yoga House for $2, which includes a sanitary wipe. A yoga mat doesn’t only provide a hygienic, cushioned surface with good traction on which to practice: it also demarcates a student’s private space within the classroom. Please do not step on other students’ mats unless you are given permission.

I Just Called to Say I [Don’t] Love You

Nothing can disturb a yoga class more than a cell phone ringing in the classroom. Please leave your phone in the lobby along with your shoes, and silence the ringer as you would in a movie theater.

The Shadow of Your Smell

Everyone in class breathes the same air. In consideration of others – many of who may be allergic – please refrain from or minimize wearing perfume or cologne when you plan on coming to class.

How Sweat it is to be Loved by You

If you happen to be someone who perspires heavily, please bring a hand towel with you to class to “mop up.”

There’s a Kind of Flush

If you need to use the restroom during class, please use the one located in our lobby, rather than the one located in the classroom, which should be used before or after class only.

My Way

Although you may be just itching to do a Headstand while your teacher is instructing Shoulder Stand, when you’re taking a class, please be respectful: don’t improvise by practicing alternate poses without asking the teacher’s permission.

Don't Stand So Close to Me

Please be considerate of others and refrain from taking classes when you have an active cold or flu.