Do's & Don'ts

To get the most out of your yoga practice:

DO bring your own yoga mat to class if you have one.
Your first free class includes the use of one of our rental mats. Thereafter, rental mats are $2 and come with a sanitary wipe. Thick, sponge-y or slippery mats designed for other forms of exercise, whether made of foam or cloth, are not ideal. We strongly recommend you purchase your own mat, one specifically intended for yoga practice.
DO let your teacher know if you have an injury or other condition that might limit your participation before class begins.
Once informed, your teacher will be able to advise you on which poses to avoid and to provide you with the guidance you need to avoid re-injury during the class.
DO plan ahead so that you can arrive to class a little early and stay until the class ends.
Get the most out of each class by making sure you’re there for the whole thing. Arriving a little early also gives you an opportunity to get the most out of your practice by doing a few stretches or by just sitting quietly. If you must leave early, please do so as quietly as possible!
DO wear comfortable clothing to class.
Choose something that doesn’t restrict your movement but that isn’t so loose-fitting that it will get in your way. Yoga is practiced barefoot. Wearing socks is not recommended, but you may leave your socks on if you wish. There are two dressing rooms available at Yoga House for your convenience.
DON’T be late to class.
Especially when you’re starting out, arriving late to class puts you at a disadvantage. Not only do you lose out by missing an important part of the practice, you may also fail to receive important instructions.
DON’T eat a big meal before class.
Give your body a chance to digest before doing yoga. A light meal or snack is fine, but try to allow at least an hour between eating and practicing.
DON’T hesitate to ask questions.
Your teacher is here to help you and welcomes any questions you might have at any time.