Class Descriptions

Please allow yourself enough time to arrive at Yoga House before classes are scheduled to begin. For your own safety and in consideration of others, there is no admittance after the first ten minutes.

Gentle Yoga

Breathing, gentle stretching and deep relaxation characterize this practice designed to very gradually build flexibility, strength and focus. Gentle Yoga is recommended for beginning students wishing to start out more slowly but can also be of great value to students of any level seeking relief from stress in a profoundly relaxing experience.

Beginning 1

A basic practice specifically designed for beginners with an emphasis on learning the fundamentals of yoga at a slower pace, step-by-step. We recommend Beginning 1 to most new students as the best way to safely establish a familiarity with the poses before continuing on.

Level 1

Build stamina, strength and flexibility in this class offering a moderate to high level of challenge. While Level 1 does not include advanced poses, it is characterized by a faster, more demanding pace and is recommended for continuing students.

Level 1-2

An intermediate practice introducing more advanced asanas as well as longer vinyasa (“Flow Yoga”) sequences.

Level 2

Advanced postures and challenging vinyasa (“Flow Yoga”) work. Recommended for experienced students.

Level 2-3

Explore your edge in our most advanced practice. Recommended for experienced students.


This system of yoga was developed by the brilliant teacher and innovator B.K.S. Iyengar and emphasizes precision, sequencing and subtlety. Recommended for students who appreciate attention to detail and in-depth work, a typical Iyengar class will feature multiple repetitions of a given pose, helpful demonstrations and longer holds.


Also known as “Flow Yoga,” an exhilarating series of postures that flow one into the other. Recommended for students who enjoy a more movement-based, aerobic style of yoga. With an element of dance as well, Vinyasa classes often include music.


The challenging Primary Series of classical vinyasa-style yoga as taught by K. Patabhi Jois. Ashtanga consists of a set series of poses done in a sequence that does not vary. Regular practice can yield an astounding self-transformation. Recommended for continuing students.

Core Power Flow

Build strength and condition your body in this vigorous practice. Recommended for experienced students.


Transformed through the use of props such as blankets, bolsters, straps and blocks, the poses of Restorative Yoga deeply rejuvenate, calm and relax. Although not as physically demanding as a typical yoga practice, Restorative Yoga carries its own set of challenges and is recommended for continuing students.

Yoga for Arthritis

A therapeutic class to gently open the joints, lower inflammation and maintain and enhance mobility.

Challenging Conditions

Yoga adapted to benefit those living with MS, Chronic Fatigue and other challenging conditions.

Therapeutic Yoga for Cancer

Yoga to reduce the negative effects of stress associated with chemotherapy and radiation treatments. (Free for those living with cancer.)


Specially adapted poses and sequencing to safely promote a healthy,
comfortable pregnancy, taught by experienced teachers who specialize in Pre-natal Yoga. Expectant mothers can begin Pre-natal Yoga at the 12th week. No previous yoga experience is necessary.


Combined with selected Pre-natal classes, Post-natal yoga offers rejuvenating postures for new mothers. Newborns welcome!


Adapted poses, gentle movement, meditation and breathing to support the immune system. (Free for those living with HIV/AIDS, their partners and caregivers.)

Yoga House Teacher Training Graduate Class

A by-donation class taught by certified Yoga House Teacher Training program graduates. Beginning 1 level.

Community Class

The single class price is discounted in these selected classes offered to make yoga available to students of all economic levels. (Students with class series are not eligible for discount.)

Yin Yoga

Enjoy recharging benefits of a yin practice with long held supported poses.

For more information on classes or a specific class, please call Yoga House at (626) 403-3961.