Special Classes

“Our sorrows and wounds are only healed when we touch them with compassion.”  
-The Buddha

with Farzaneh Noori
Every Wednesday, 11am-12:15pm

One is never prepared to receive a diagnosis of cancer. It is a tremendously stressful experience that affects both the person receiving the diagnosis and their family. Inevitably, there are the accompanying emotions of denial, anger and depression which lead, finally, to acceptance, where healing can begin. Therapeutic Yoga for Cancer, a regularly-scheduled class offered free of charge at Yoga House, has been specifically designed by instructor Farzaneh Noori to address the many challenges -- both physical and psychological -- that face those who have been diagnosed and are undergoing treatment for cancer. Each class offers a synthesis of several natural healing modalities: restorative yoga; gentle yoga; breath work; meditation; and hands-on healing, all of which promote a state of deep relaxation which enhances the body's ability to heal itself. This special practice is also intended to help soothe the stresses associated with chemotherapy and radiation treatments. No previous yoga experience is necessary. "Having gone through cancer myself," says Farzaneh, "I am grateful to have had yoga in my life. Two years after my diagnosis, I feel my yoga practice has helped to bring me back to a state of health and ease. It is with the intention of making yoga's therapeutic benefits accessible to others with cancer that I offer this class to our community." 

This class is offered free of charge to those with cancer.

FARZANEH NOORI is the co-founder and owner of Yoga House, the oldest and largest center for yoga in the San Gabriel Valley area. She is a certified yoga instructor with over 20 years of practice and teaching since 1998 to a broad range of students. In the course of her training, Farzaneh has studied with some of the world's most highly-regarded yoga teachers. She has received certification in asana, pranayama, anatomy and yoga philosophy from Tias Little; White Lotus Yoga from Ganga White and Tracey Rich; and Yin Yoga from Paul Grilley. In addition, she has studied extensively with Kofi Busia, Julie Gudmestad and Jill Miller. Most recently, she received a certificate in Therapeutic Yoga from Cheri Clampett, the Founder and Director of the Therapeutic Yoga Training Program. Known for her expertise in teaching pre-natal yoga, Farzaneh focuses on the various healing aspects of yoga in all her teaching: freeing the body, the breath and the flow of energy through practicing with awareness and compassion.

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