SATYA – Sensory Awareness Training for Yoga Attunementwith Tias little
SATYA – Sensory Awareness Training for Yoga Attunementwith Tias little

SATYA – Sensory Awareness Training for Yoga Attunement
with Tias little

October 21-25, 10AM-5PM

Designed by Tias Little after 30 years of education, practice, study and research, SATYA is a somatic practice that builds mindfulness through movement.

We practice fine articulated movement to open new pathways of perception and feeling. Done mostly on the floor, SATYA involves sliding, gliding, stretching, unwinding and core building movements. The movements are a powerful tonic to reduce fatigue, strain and tension in the body. The SATYA movements aim to increase circulation (the flow of prana) throughout all the tissues of the body. SATYA acts as a “prana pump” to oxygenate the bloodstream and irrigate the tissues.

While yoga today often emphasizes the “doing” of a posture, SATYA encourages “being” in a movement with heightened awareness. Our aim is to tap an inner potency and to help support the body’s innate intelligence and capacity to self-regulate. All movements increase proprioceptive awareness and neuroplasticity. This practice is a therapeutic, yin tonic for the body.

SATYA is very similar to the aim of contemporary yoga today that focuses on vinyasa, synthesizing breath with movement. When done on the floor, the breath and movement together enables myofascia release without strain. Deep inner listening is required to heal both mind and body. To that end, SATYAbuilds meditative awareness while increasing physical vitality. All movements are done slowly, in isolation and without force. Thus SATYA is mindfulness training through movement. As a movement meditation, SATYA builds vipassana (insight) into the sensory-motor pathways of the body. This practice builds deep relaxation and clarity. The SATYA movements replenish the body by “soaking” the tissues. Thus SATYA movements can be done in conjunction with savasana and yoga nidra.

This training covers the foundational movements of the SATYA practice. This week will revitalize your own body by reducing fatigue, building coherence and integration of all the connective tissues of your body. At the same time, you will learn the key principles of the SATYA practice for the classroom. For yoga teachers who work therapeutically or with aging populations, SATYA is a simple yet highly effective system to help safely mobilize and repair the connective tissues.

Each morning includes guided meditation, sound resonance, dharma study, visualization training and SATYA practice. We do yoga postures following SATYA to stabilize the core tissues of the body. In the afternoons, Tias teaches anatomy through an array of colorful slides. We study the muscular-skeletal system, the organs, nerves and glands. Tias also integrates images from nature, sacred architecture and art to describe the energetic flow of prana through the body. Tias brings his background in Sanskrit, cranial-sacral study, yoga philosophy and mystical anatomy to provide a transformational week of practice and study.

SATYA 1 Course of Study

  • cultivate essential sensory-motor awareness
    • mobilize the joints and build bi-lateral symmetry in the body
    • address low back pain
    • design fundamental sequences that include both SATYA and asana
    • discover the importance of spirals and counter spirals
    • “it’s all about the joints”: Working with tendons, ligaments and joint spaces
    • being in the “Pause”: the importance of not-doing
    • using gravity to help center inward
    • re-educating the neural-muscular system and brain pathways
    • learn how to “ride the edge” through small movements
    • learn the healing potential of the movements and their effects on the myofascial system
    • reduce fatigue and exhaustion
    • reduce the effects of speed that has been trapped in the body
    • sense and feel the connection of the iliopsoas muscle to your spin
    • discover how to use the SATYA movements to stretch the myo-fascial sheaths
    • investigate the most current myofascial and brain based research on the body today
  • Certification

    Upon completion of this course, you will have received 30 credit hours. If you wish to gain certification from Prajna Yoga as a SATYA teacher, you are required to complete 15 additional hours of self-study and/or other SATYA workshops at Prajna Yoga in Santa Fe or other off-campus offerings. You will then have 45 hours of SATYA 1 training. SATYA 2 & 3 are also required at 45 hours each, in addition to completing your SATYA Practicum, in order to gain full certification. 

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