Trauma Informed Yoga for Regulation, Resilience, Recovery with Hanna Gilan

Trauma Informed Yoga for Regulation, Resilience, Recovery
with Hanna Gilan

September 27-29, 1-7pm


This workshop will give you a greater understanding of toxic stress and trauma and how they affect the nervous system—body and mind. This knowledge will demonstrate the need and value of using trauma informed principles, which we will learn and practice each session.

Whether teaching yoga to a community affected by trauma or the general population, to foster embodiment, centering, regulation, and resourcing is a healing skill. This skill makes classes more inclusive, safe, and ultimately more beneficial across the diversity of human experience that is in the yoga room and our world each day.

In this workshop we’ll Broaden our view of yoga to include new findings in neuroscience, mindfulness, and trauma research. From this vantage point we can see from a new perspective many of the most powerful effects of the yoga practice. As teachers, seeing into the cascade of psychological and physiological processes the practice sets into motion, we empower not just ourselves but also our students with tools for greater self-awareness, and self regulation. With such insights practice can be fine tuned to build the foundations of presence, resilience. freedom, joy, and mastery of our inner life.

Hanna Gilan has the experience, skill, and knowledge that come from 24 years of personal yoga practice, 17 years teaching students of all abilities in diverse settings including clinical inpatient. For the last 7 years Hanna has worked with yoga teacher trainees, teaching and mentoring in the Yoga House Teacher Training program in Los Angeles. Learning about trauma and its connection to our nervous system and how yoga can restore disordered patterns continues to be a revelatory and healing experience. Making the connections between trauma, nervous system, and healing through yoga is the culmination of a lifetime of study, practice, and personal healing and Hannas’most passionate work.

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