Seeing & Understanding BodiesA Hands-On Adjustment workshop with Hanna Gilan

Seeing & Understanding Bodies
A Hands-On Adjustment workshop with
Hanna Gilan

Saturday October 14, 2-4:30pm

Hands-on Adjustments are a profound way to aid students in their practice. Whether the adjustment is to deepen, align or relax a pose, a non-verbal communication can transform a yoga practitioner.

Skillful adjustments communicate clearly, are firm or gentle as situations require, but always offer deeper insights into the higher potentials of the body as well as the form and essence of the practice.

In this hands-on workshop, you'll hone your ability to read bodies as a guide to selecting an appropriate method of assisting, be introduced to a wide variety of adjustments in key asanas and learn how to protect yourself from injury while adjusting. You'll also gain the confidence and skill to offer the transformational power of hands-on adjustments to others with clarity and intention.


ABOUT HANNA GILAN Hanna has the experience, skill and knowledge that come from 20 years of yoga practice and 13 years teaching students of all ages and abilities. Hanna has trained, assisted and practiced with some of the world's great Vinyasa Flow, Ashtanga, and Bhakti teachers. She has completed four certified teacher trainings and three Thai Yoga Massage courses in Thailand. Hanna currently assists the teacher training program at Yoga House. A dedicated and joyful student of Ashtanga Yoga, Hanna practices the complete first and second series as taught by certified teachers of Pattabhi Jois.



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Seeing & Understanding Bodies
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