One Body, One MindA Yoga Immersion with Tias Little

One Body, One Mind
A Yoga Immersion with Tias Little

Tias Little, One of the World's Great Teachers, Returns to Yoga House for
a Special Teacher's class and Five In-Depth Workshops
September 7-9, 2018

Healing through Yoga: The Cranial-Sacral Pump, Parasympathetic Rhythms and the Subtle Body-Master Class for Teachers and Bodyworkers 
Friday September 7: 2-5pm

What is the essential means to healing on the path of yoga? How does restorative yoga work? Healing in yoga inevitably involves a harmonic alignment between the sacrum and the cranium. In this immersion, students will learn the key connection between the sacral chakra and the cranial chakra. We will see how vinyasa and many yoga poses, serve to balance the motion between the sacrum and occiput. Gain a clear understanding of the anatomical structures involved in the cranial-sacral connection. We explore the cranial-sacral pump in poses such as downward dog, wheel and savasana. We will see how yoga postures benefit the fluid dynamics within the spine, spinal cord and inter-vertebral discs.

Restorative Yoga: Nourishing Bone, Blood and Breath
Friday September 7: 6-8:30pm

This class guides students in poses that are designed to reduce fatigue and stress buried in the body. By the application of supported postures, the aim of this class is to soothe the nervous system, empty strain and holding in the organic body and calm the mind. This class aims to optimize the flow of prana in the body, rejuvenating all the soft tissues of the body.

Building your Inner Fire
Saturday September 8: 11am-1:30pm

The belly center, the third chakra, is the hearth of the body. In yoga we carefully stoke the fire within yet unfortunately there is often constriction in the gut due to stress and emotional holding. This class focuses on opening the belly through dynamic and passive poses. We emphasis twists and supported backbends to ignite the inner fire and pranayama to spread the light of prana throughout the body.

One Body, One Mind
Saturday September 8: 3-6pm

By doing yoga, we embody integration and wholeness from our toes to the crown of our head. In this class every breath, every movement and every pulse will be an expression of our one whole body, bringing a sense of unity and joy. As we cultivate the One Body, we experience the totality of mind, a mind that is like space, boundless and free. Whether doing yoga poses or in meditation this class practices the unity of body and mind.

The Great Seal: Maha Bandha

Sunday September 9: 10am-12:30pm

In classical hatha yoga there are three primary lifts or locks necessary to conduct the flow of prana through the channels of the body. In this class we cultivate the three internal seals in order to channel life force through the spine while expanding the heart and lungs. When done together, the three seals provide a most powerful flow of vitality through the subtle body.

Vibration, Sound and the Inner Ear

Sunday September 9: 1:30-3pm

In yoga it is thought that the entire universe and the body itself is made up of vibration. All that vibrates produces sound currents that flow like rivers. In this class animate the channels of the body through breath, sound and movement. Not only the sound OM, but also numerous other healing sounds open up the channels of the subtle body. Come prepared to feel how alignment in postures allows you to feel the flow of vibration and how the resonance and rhythm of sacred sound has specific effects on the chakras.


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