Awakening the Pelvis:An In-Depth Study  ofthe Pelvis as the StructuralKeystone of the Bodywith Mary Bond

Awakening the Pelvis:
An In-Depth Study of
the Pelvis as the Structural
Keystone of the Body
with Mary Bond

Three consecutive Wednesdays May 9, 16 & 23 • 7:15 - 9:00 PM

Join Mary Bond, brilliant author of the groundbreaking book “The New Rules of Posture,” for this exciting series devoted to embodying the pelvis.

Confluent with the fascial bio-tensegrity of the whole body, the pelvic girdle is central to all aspects of work and play, interactions with others, breathing, core stability, sexuality and gait. Contemporary sedentary lifestyle and cultural beliefs conspire to limit both information and sensory inhabitation of the pelvis and pelvic organs.

• Understand the musculature of the pelvic floor and learn to distinguish between sensations in the superifical perineal layer and the deeper pelvic diaphragm
• Experience how balanced tone in the pelvic floor supports the pelvic organs: bladder, uterus, vagina, lower bowel and rectum
• Consider pelvic floor disorders that frequently follow childbirth and accompany menopause
• Study the anatomy of the pelvic bones and explore their inherent mobility.
• Understand how pelvic and hip mobility can support or inhibit balanced muscular activity of the pelvic floor.
• Apply experiential learning to simple asana and to the movements of daily living.

This series is open to women only.

MARY BOND, MA is a Certified Advanced Rolfer® and Rolf Movement® Instructor for The Rolf Institute in Boulder, CO. She is the author of Balancing Your Body, The New Rules of Posture, and the forthcoming Body Mandala: Posture as a Path to Presence, as well as the producer of Heal Your Posture: A DVD Workshop. Read Mary’s blog at



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