Beginners' FAQs

Q: How often should I do yoga?

The more yoga you do, the more positive changes you'll notice, but you can benefit from as little as one class a week. Some students practice every day. Ideally, we recommend you try for an average of two classes a week.

Q: I don't think I'm very flexible. Will I be able to do yoga?

Contrary to popular belief, being flexible isn’t a prerequisite for practicing yoga! Some people are born naturally flexible, others have to work a little longer to attain their optimum flexibility. A regular yoga practice will definitely increase your flexibility. However, flexibility isn’t yoga’s only goal or its only benefit. The ultimate benefit of yoga -- to promote radiant health inside and out -- can be experienced by everyone, regardless of whether or not they can touch their toes!

Q: I have an ongoing problem with my back/shoulder/neck/knee, etc. Will yoga help?

Yoga has proven therapeutic benefits when carefully applied. Speak to your instructor before class if you have an injury or other on-going physical concerns. He or she will then be able to tell you which poses to avoid and how to work around your problem areas. They may also be able to suggest particular poses you can do on your own that might help.

Q: Some of the poses don't feel very comfortable to me and I'm sore the next day. I thought yoga was supposed to make you feel good!

Yoga balances and tones your body by using all your muscles and taking all your major joints through every possible range of motion. As you begin, you'll be calling upon parts of yourself you probably haven't used in quite some time, if ever (which explains that temporary soreness). It's natural for some of the poses to feel awkward or uncomfortable at first, but you'll discover that with a little time and regular practice, your body will begin to open, adapt and grow stronger. Along with feeling increasingly calm yet energized, centered and relaxed, your gradually increasing comfort in the poses will tell you you’re making progress.

Q: What if I have more questions?

Our front desk staff at Yoga House is always available during business hours to answer any basic questions you might have. The owners of Yoga House are also available to give you more in-depth answers to all of your yoga-related questions. You can drop by the front desk, call (626) 403-3961 or send your questions to:

Q: What's the best level class for me to begin with?

Beginning 1, with its moderate pace and detailed instruction, has been specifically designed to ease new students into yoga and provide a solid foundation in the basics. "Gentle Yoga" is also a good choice for those starting out, but be aware that this style focuses more narrowly on simple poses to promote relaxation and doesn't represent the full range of yoga. If your schedule makes it impossible to attend either Beginning 1 or Gentle classes, you can also try Level 1, but expect to do some following along since we've developed Level 1 for continuing students with a little more experience. Introduce yourself to your Level 1 instructor before class and let them know you're a new student: they'll keep an eye on you and give you any extra attention you might need. For those who prefer a “quantum leap” experience, we also offer "Yoga 101" each month – a three-hour special workshop for beginners.

Q: When I look around the classroom, it seems like others are more advanced than I am. Should I be concerned?

Our friendly instructors have all been trained to teach students of varying levels of ability and experience within the same class and are careful to maintain a supportive learning environment in which everyone can feel comfortable working at their own level. Whether they're demonstrating how to modify a challenging pose by using various props or giving you a hands-on adjustment in the course of teaching the entire group, our instructors make sure that everyone in the classroom can participate, from seasoned students to absolute beginners. Always feel free to ask your instructor for additional help or clarification if you need it. They're happy to help!